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Cissy Houston blaming Bobby Brown for Whitney Houston’s problems?

Cissy Houston/Photo Credit: "Entertainment Tonight" Screenshot

Earlier this week, Cissy Houston spoke about the tragic reality of her granddaughter, Bobbi Kristina’s, permanent brain damage and her unresponsive condition. Now, Houston is speaking about her family again and this time she’s talking about her late daughter, Whitney Houston, and why she thinks Bobby Brown was a bad influence on her.

In an interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” host Kevin Frazier asks Houston if she thinks about Whitney every day.

“She’s my baby,” Houston said of Whitney. “I had two boys before her and I never wanted boys. I love them. They know I love them. But I always wanted a daughter.”

After being shown a touching video of her daughter discussing how loving her mother was to her, Cissy spoke about the good person that Whitney was. However, she claims that Whitney was pulled down by a “bad partner,” whom we assume to be her ex-husband, Brown.

“Whitney was a very soft and easy person. She was kind. She was free-hearted. All of that, and sometimes people didn’t treat her nice … Whitney got caught up somewhere,” Houston claimed, adding, “This business is really bad, you know what I’m saying? But she did the best she could.”

She added, “My baby tried. She did. She just had the wrong partner, you know?”

When Frazier later claims that Houston had a “great husband,” but Whitney didn’t, Houston nods in a agreement and replies, “Yeah, I did.”

Well, it’s clear that Houston still doesn’t hold Brown in the highest regard, and at this point in her life, we doubt she ever will.



  1. ZeroTo100 on May 12, 2015 at 10:28 am

    Cissy Get Over It! Whitney would probably Still Be ALIVE if y’all(you&Clive) would have let Her be Her! Meaning, she was Gay, but y’all wanted her to have This Image for HollyWeird then Made Her Marry Bobby to keep this front going, then you have the Nerve to Blame Bobby for your daughters Turn Out! Be a Woman for Once and Point the finger at who Really is the Blame! Yourself and Clive Davis! Honestly, You can also Blame Yourself for your Granddaughters Out Come also. Cause if her Mom was here she wouldn’t be in the state she is now!! As much as you say you Wanted A Daughter, it’s hard to tell, you did not Protect Her from the Demons of Hollyweird!!! And you are still Not Protecting and Loving her even in Death by not telling the Truth about who Nippy Really Was. so sad….

  2. britishrose on May 12, 2015 at 10:35 am

    OPRAH CAN YOU PUT IYANA VANZANT ON THIS OLD LADIES CASE? .. cissy houston age is no reason to be delusional …
    THE WRONG PARTNER WAS CRACK COCAINE . .. in which she choice to date , love more than you , adore it , worship it , … and if she meant half of what she sanged ABOUT .. she would have LOOK TO GOD …… AS SHE SANG .. in her song….
    she didnt believe in her self bobby brown moved on with life . .had a new wife etc.. fought his demons and rose up
    whitney mean time was still struggling THAT CHILD KRISSY IS LAYING ON LIFE SUPPORT HALF DEAD CAUSE OF WHITNYE HOUSTON BAD PARENTING …. she shoved bobby out of krissy life , bad talking him against his daughter , and going downhill trying to do it …
    you and your son , whom admitted starting her to drugging ., need to pray for your own wrong doings as a family you didnt and couldnt support whitney in her STRUGGLES .. YOU CLOSE THE DOOR ON HER .. .now bobby is making sure you cant blame him for being not there . he did what he could krissy blocked him out just like she blocked out you .? so what was he suppose to do . .. whitney did the same block everyone out with herfame and money . . wanna blame someone blame old clive davis for not seeing she was not recovered an pushing her out to events know she wasnt right sending her on concert tours in her condition . AND MOST OF ALL BLAME YOUR SELF WHAT DID YOU DO AS A MOTHER TO HELP WHITNEY BESIDES WAIT ON HER TO FINISH THE DEED… BUT SURPRISE YOU HAD NO IDEA YOUR OWN GRAND DAUGHTER WOULD PROVE HOW WORTHLESS YOUR FAMILY REALLY IS . . . . LADY BYE

  3. CAUTION: Scorpio Zone on May 13, 2015 at 8:40 am

    Typical behavior she’s too old for this mess, Whitney was a full adult no need to blame Bobby. Blaming someones does not help the situation your in w/your granddaughter and who’s to blame for that Cissy?

  4. andalso on May 13, 2015 at 1:49 pm

    i was going to comment but never mind…. lets move on.