Introspective Minds produce ‘BLACK’ LP

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Introspective Minds, a hot up-and-coming Atlanta-based production duo, recently dropped an eclectic instrumental LP titled BLΔCK.
BLΔCK is a 47-rack instrumental LP based on the sounds of J Dilla’s Donuts. Purely groove driven, there are a wide variety of sounds and moods, creating a sound-scape that perfectly depicts Atlanta. Dusty breaks, signature sounds and crisp sonics pay homage to the thorough work of our biggest influences (Dilla, Madlib, DOOM, Pete Rock, Diamond D, etc.).
After 10 years of production for the likes of Reks, Sonnymoon, Awful Records (KeithCharles SpaceBar and Ethereal), LazyMane & Kosherbeets; Introspective Minds presents a full plethora of beats for your listening pleasure.
If you are interested in working with them, hit them up on Twitter @cratelord and @thelordmself.

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