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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ episode 4 best moments

Khadiyah Beats Joc

Khadiya learns about Joc’s infidelity

Sina obliges Khadiyah’s request for proof that Joc is cheating and she decides to stop by Khadiyah’s job to show her the evidence. Sina shows Khadiyah the recording of her and Joc making out on her couch, but instead of getting mad at Joc, Khadiyah stomps on the iPad and tells Sina that she’ll always be a booty call. Later on, though, Khadiyah lures Joc into trap by tying up on their bed with the claim that she wants to try something new sexually. However, she drops a bomb on him when she pulls out the video and then pulls out a belt and begins to beat Joc with it. Joc denies that he “went all the way” with Sina, but Khadiyah doesn’t believe him.

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