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Tyler, The Creator sells anti-homophobia shirt

Photo Credit: Tyler, The Creator's Instagram (@feliciathegoat)

Photo Credit: Tyler, The Creator’s Instagram (@feliciathegoat)

On being labeled a homophobe

“Ever since my career started, ive been labeled as a homophobe, simply because of my use of the word f—-t. Again, trying to take the power out of something, I WAS NEVER REFERRING TO SOMEONES SEXUAL PREFERENCE WHEN USING THAT WORD. I mean, I’m legit one of the least homophobic guys to walk this earth but, most people just read the surface. But maybe someone will see this photo and say ‘hey, he’s just mocking gays’ or ‘his has a negative undertone to it, he is still pushing this homophobic whatever the f— it is.’ Whatever it is, i just wanted to give you guys some background info on the design before you purchase the shirt. You should know what you are wearing. be safe, love. RACISM F—— SUCKS – Tyler”

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  1. derel on May 13, 2015 at 11:25 am

    How can he be a homophobe…he does dudes.