28-year-old mother to only serve a few months in prison for raping a man

Photo credit: Facebook @chantaegilman

A woman will only spend a few months behind bars after pleading guilty to raping a man. According to reports by The Inquisitr, Chantae Gilman, 28, committed the sexual assault on the man in June 2013 in Seattle.

Gilman, a mother of two who was pregnant at the time of the attack, broke into the man’s home after he returned from a late-night party. Exhausted, the man fell asleep moments after he entered his room and Gilman decided to take advantage.

She got on top of her victim and began touching his genitals until he became erect. Gilman eventually began having sex with the man. Her victim woke up and attempted to move, but she remained on top of him and used her 240-pound frame to pin his arms to his bed. She told him to remain silent as she continued to sexually assault him.

The man eventually was able to push Gilman away and rushed to the hospital for an examination. He called the police and Gilman was arrested and charged with sexual assault.

She initially claimed that she didn’t commit the crime, but DNA tests revealed that sex with the victim did occur.

Gilman decided to plead guilty, but she will only serve nine months in jail. If Gilman was a man, it’s likely that she would have faced a harsher sentence for a sexual assault conviction.

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