Artist Richard Hunt presents a dynamic exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

Sculptor and visual artist Richard Hunt put together an iconic retrospective of his work with the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. The retrospective encompasses ideas from the ’50s through the present day ranging from prints and abstracts to molded steel.

Hunt encourages those who would like to be sculptors to understand the quintessential dimensions between those things like gravity and space.

At 80 years old, Hunt has been creating and delivering his vision for decades. Hunt finds more than effort is needed when creating a molded idea out of steel. This form of art is created without words or color, but utilizing the power of heat and iron speaking as one. As the steel is molded and shaped, it slowly begins to depict Hunt’s vision for humanity.

Hats off to the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and Richard Hunt for an explosive, creative vision to influence one’s soul. Being able to stand near an expression of art in steel that could symbolize a building or space allows one to search their depths to interpret the piece that is void of words, bright reds, greens or yellows. The exhibit is a presentation of Hunt’s creative vision.

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