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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ episode 5 best moments

Jessica Dime Ruins Her Meeting With Jazze Pha

Jessica Dime has an explosive meeting with Jazze Pha

Mimi meets with Tiffany Foxx and apologizes to her for Stevie’s drunken rant at her showcase. Mimi promises Tiffany that she can be a great manager for her, but Tiffany says that she already has a manager. However, Tiffany tells Mimi that if she can deliver her a great producer for a ’90s-inspired track, she might reconsider. Later on, Mimi meets with Jessica and tries to convince her to sign with MF Management despite Stevie being in rehab and dealing with an indictment. Jessica only agrees to a short-term contract to see if they’re a good fit, and Mimi promises to deliver her a great producer. As promised, Mimi sets up a meeting between Jessica and Jazze Pha, who initially likes Jessica. But when Tiffany walks into the meeting, Jessica immediately gets belligerent toward Tiffany and they get into a yelling match — Tiffany tells Mimi she’ll never be her manager and Jazze tells Jessica he’ll never work with her and he asks her to leave.



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