Todd Tucker explains why ‘Kandi’s Ski Trip’ was important

Todd Tucker, Kandi Burruss, Riley  Photo Credit "JonellMedia PR" via Steed Media

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker had an awesome private viewing party for their Bravo special, “Kandi’s Ski Trip” that aired on Sunday, May 17. Afterward, there was a panel discussion with the entire cast consisting of Momma Joyce; Kandi’s best friend, Carmon; and Kandi’s two aunts. Todd led the discussion with the statement: “After losing my mom, we saw how fast one could lose a loved one. Shortly afterward with all the controversy going on with Kandi’s mom and myself, Kandi and I decided we wanted to make a major effort to get all of our family together and go on a trip.”

Kandi also explained how she and Todd’s union became much stronger after the death of Todd’s mom. The aunts exclaimed how they all love Todd and they are happy to have him as part of their family. Aunt Bertha admitted she always liked Todd from the beginning.

Momma Joyce admitted she loves Todd as well and we learned despite the apology we witnessed Momma Joyce give Tucker on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” there was a better real apology issued to Todd, which he accepted, and things are much better in the Tucker household as Momma Joyce and Todd continue to build their relationship.

This was definitely good news to hear as there was so much other drama going on at the reunion show on the “RHOA,” it almost seemed like the Todd and Momma Joyce apology was still up for discussion.

Kandi's Aunt Bertha, guest and Aunt Nora  Photo Credit: JonellMedia PR via Steed Media

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