7 reasons couples who travel together stay together

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There’s a preconceived notion that it’s best to be single when traveling and to explore either alone or with a platonic friend. By doing so, we won’t be held back from getting the ultimate experience. But this viewpoint makes two very unreasonable assumptions.

The first assumption is that in order to make the most out of traveling, you should be available for new love or a casual fling. It disregards the importance of making lasting friendships abroad and focuses instead on potential rendezvous.

The second assumption is that our significant others must not be as adventurous as us, nor share the same desire to wander, which isn’t always true. I’m sure you’ve each chosen a partner with similar goals and interests, who is a fellow explorer. And, it’s a good thing you did because couples who travel together stay together. And, here are seven reasons that is the case:

  1. They are adventurous. People who love to travel are often outgoing, spontaneous and adventurous individuals. They’re enthusiastic about meeting new people, seeing new places, learning about new cultures and aren’t afraid of living in the moment. Couples who share this impulsive attitude get themselves into some wild, unforgettable adventures and receive endless opportunities to bond along the way. These experiences turn into incredible stories to share with family and friends.
  2. They don’t sweat the small stuff. Traveling can be amazing, but it can also be a bit chaotic at times. Have you ever lost your luggage in transit and had to purchase new clothes? Or gotten food poisoning from a local restaurant? Then you know there’s stress even in paradise. Couples who travel together learn to overcome these small setbacks and make the most out of their trip. They don’t have the unrealistic expectation that everything will be perfect. They roll with the punches and they know that, no matter what happens, they have each other.
  3. They laugh. When things go wrong, strong couples understand that the only way to make it better is to laugh it off. Sometimes, there’s nothing else that you can do. They make the most out of what they are given and they see every situation as a learning experience and a funny story to share with their family and friends.
  4. They’re on the same page. When two people travel together, they’re more or less living on the same schedule. However, that doesn’t mean that they have to do the same exact thing the entire time. When one wants to sleep in and the other wants to do some shopping, they both do it. They respect their differences and give each other their space. Maybe the early bird even grabs some breakfast for the sleepyhead. That’s what a successful traveling couple would do anyway.
  5. They both chip in. Traveling can be very expensive (airline tickets, safari adventures, hotels, food, etc.), so couples that travel together must discuss budgeting and decide who will pay for what. Making these decisions not only strengthens the relationship, but it prepares them for larger financing that they might have to work out in the future (i.e., wedding planning or buying a house). Couples who travel together get a sense of how their partner utilizes their money and whether they’re cheap or a big spender.
  6. Better communication. Couples who travel together agree more and have fewer disagreements. Traveling makes them more understanding and patient to each other.
  7. A new experience. Traveling offers an opportunity for learning. This experience bonds couples together, while opening their minds and hearts to the world before them.

Traveling together excites and offers couples amazing reasons to always be together – while making unforgettable memories at the same time. What are you waiting for? Get your passports ready!

–myra c. harris is the author of How to Get a Man: From the Kitchen, to the Bedroom, to the Ring, which can be purchased at www.letaypublishing.com.

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