Machine Gun Kelly confirms relationship with Amber Rose

Machine Gun Kelly/YouTube Screenshot
Machine Gun Kelly/YouTube screenshot

For weeks now, cameras have caught Amber Rose out and about with rapper Machine Gun Kelly, igniting rumors that the two are a couple. Although both celebs have kept their mouths shut about the truth of their relationship, Kelly recently confirmed that he is indeed dating Rose.

In a new interview with Hot 97, host Ebro asked the notoriously private Kelly how he feels about thrusting his private life into the public eye by dating Rose. Although Kelly didn’t directly confirm that he’s dating Rose, he all but confirmed it as he explained how their romance blossomed.

“Everything was completely natural. It wasn’t anything that I had expected or had planned. When the universe throws something your way — I’m one of those people that go with it and I don’t fight it,” Kelly said.

However, Kelly did explain that it has become difficult being in a relationship with such a high-profile celebrity.

“I had no idea what came with that. And it would be a lie if I [said] it wasn’t a struggle — I’m one of the most anti spotlight people ever … It’s one of those things where it makes you rethink this whole fame thing again,” Kelly said.

Photo Credit: Amber Rose's Instagram (@amberrose)
Photo credit: Amber Rose’s Instagram (@amberrose)

Well, Kelly is definitely going to be pushed outside of his private bubble being with Rose. And considering the lingering feelings that both Rose and her ex, Wiz Khalifa, have publicly shared about each other, we’re not sure if Rose and Kelly will last.

But that’s not all that he had to say about his relationship with Rose. Read the rest of his comments after the cut.

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