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Ray Rice officially cleared of domestic violence charges

Source: @RayRice via Instagram

Source: @RayRice via Instagram

According to USA Today, all domestic violence charges have been dropped against former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice.

Rice was charged with third degree assault after surveillance video showed him punching his then fiancée, Janay Palmer, in the face thereby knocking her unconscious, then dragging her limp body out of an elevator at the Revel Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ in February of 2014.

Judge Michael Donio reportedly dismissed the charges against Rice after being informed that the 28-year-old had completed his pretrial conditions, including completing anger management counseling and paying a $125 fine.

Some critics, however, have questioned whether Rice received preferred treatment in the case because of his pro athlete status. Records obtained by the Associated Press reveal that of more than 15,000 domestic violence cases in New Jersey between 2010 and 2013, only 70 were allowed into the pretrial program. State guidelines call for violent crime offenders to “generally be rejected” from the program, but prosecutor Jim McClain agreed to admit Rice after speaking in-depth with Palmer.

Initially, Rice was only given a two game suspension by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who saw the footage before it went public. Once the footage was leaked to the public, Goodell suspended Rice indefinitely, many believe due to public backlash. Rice appealed his suspension and was reinstated into the league in November 2014.

Rice is currently a free agent as no team has signed him since his reinstatement.


  1. britishrose on May 23, 2015 at 1:53 pm

    EVERYBODY know the NFL .is a secret society holding secrets that could cause the whole organization to be threaten , the fact they cover up evidence that football players head injuries is the source around all these violent behavior and family violence like the kansas city chief player who killed his wife who can forget the RAY CARUTH the man who shot his PREGNANT HIRED HOODLUM TO SHOT HER CAUSE HE DIDNT WANT TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT .., babymoma, leaving his son paralyzed, he is doing life , those head injuries are no joke the rest of them are plan questionable deon sanders seems to have some serious social issues mental collapse issues, , not to mention the other nutts , playing FOOTBALL , . most men dont care bout that , eugene lock hart went to prison for laundering money etc . they are always into something and the POSTER CHILD OF THEM ALL OJAY SIMPSON .. . ray rice is a casuality of his career choice simple as that , a man who should have gotten immediate counseling to determine is ability, from his supieriors instead of a quick suspension then turn around and fire him from the league NOW HE HAS TO BE GIVEN BACK THE JOB .. now NOBODY WILL SIGN HIM? REALLY?. .teaches nothing in the end to the new players comeing in .. .. revolving door of greedy managment and owners who just want their money . ..its like running race horse on steroid you know soon they are gonna die or be disable BUT YOU KNOW BY THEN YOU WANT CARE OR NEED THEM . . THESE BLACK ATHLETES NEED TO GET DEGREES BEFORE PLAYING BALL THEY COME OUT LIKE EUGENE LOCKHART .. from poor back to the woods and jail if you aint care ful real sad sport , basketball has its injuries its usually not near the brain .. and most serious body parts .. mental illness in america is a BIG DEAL . AND SOMEONE NEED TO MAKE THE NFL UNDERSTAND THAT IF YOUR GONNA RUNN YOUR HORSE YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF IT PERSAY

  2. Junie on May 24, 2015 at 2:11 am

    That’s because “she” never filed charges, took up for him and claimed it was her fault that he Beat her unconscious & dragged her out of the elevator.

    • britishrose on May 24, 2015 at 4:47 am

      no its really cause the laws on domestic violence is horrific , they still dont get the fact hundreds of women die from injuries suffered or have sever emotional problems and children suffer to . ray rice wife loved him for all the most ignorant reasons ,, you look pass a victim cause they know nothing bout nothing . they are blinded by money , security , and that football life . he leads . look at gabrielle union … what wade did to her was emotional abuse first sign of an abusive relationship because he broke no laws ,,she took him back married him and now the butt of jokes and gossip … small price to pay for a 1 million dollar right huh . .. kgnoance si bliss with black women . a white woman would have demanded her check like ligar woods wife and move the hell on .. . and tiger didnt even hit or abuse his wife he just cheated …