Tasty and creative dishes for your Memorial Day bash

Photo courtesy of Hogshead Tavern

Memorial Day is here and many of you are preparing for your barbecues and cookouts. (This writer has jerk chicken in the refrigerator that I will be cooking in my Phillips Viva Collection Digital Airfryer later.) We spoke to the good people over at Hogshead Tavern, a craft beer bar that also serves interesting and creative food in Harlem, who suggested two dishes to help spice up your menu for Memorial Day.

Hogshead Tavern delivered two very creative, summer-focused and easy to make recipes that are sure to be a hit at your cookout.

Grilled chicken kale salad with feta, pine nuts, and kalamata olives would make a fun and tasty addition to your menu. Chicken is most certainly on almost everyone’s menu, be it fried, baked, or with some barbecue sauce on it, but grilled chicken combined with these ingredients will ensure that your guests don’t skip the salad.

Another fun option that Hogshead Tavern suggested is grilled brussel sprouts with crispy pork belly and pickled red onions. You are already grilling chicken, so why not add another healthy option and toss some veggies on too? The addition of the crispy pork belly makes this dish interesting.

Try one or both of these options if you want to add creative and healthy options to your Memorial Day menu. And if you are in the Harlem area and don’t feel like cooking, stop by Hogshead Tavern for one of these dishes or one of the others on their menu and beer or other spirit to accompany the meal. Visit Hogshead online at http://www.hogsheadharlem.com

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