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Did Drake take a shot at Cash Money in new freestyle?

Source: Youtube/DrakeVevo

Source: Youtube/DrakeVevo

We now know who Drake is riding with in the on-going Lil’ Wayne Vs. Cash Money battle.

During a recent performance in Detroit for his “Jungle Tour,” Drizzy treated the crowd to a freestyle featuring the following lyrics:

Had n—–s tell me to my face how we were family and how they loved me
Why they was skimming off the budget; Now when I see ‘em [Cash Money?], they’re the ones acting funny

Of course the speculation is that Drake’s latest album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, was a thinly veiled message to Cash Money and it’s CEO Bryan “Baby” Williams.

Drizzy’s freestyle seems to reference an interview Baby did with Shade 45 a while back proclaiming his love for the Toronto rapper.

“Drake is my little brother. I love him to death, and he’s family,” Birdman told DJ Whoo Kid during the interview.

It appears Drake no longer shares Baby’s sentiment.