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Judge stops 50 Cent legal maneuver to avoid lawsuit

Photo Credit: Helga Esteb/

Photo Credit: Helga Esteb/

Looks like rapper 50 Cent may have to fork over many dollars. The rapper, born Curtis Jackson, attempted a grand legal maneuver to try to avoid a major lawsuit concerning a sex tape he posted online in 2009 of Lastonia Leviston. Leviston is the mother of a child fathered by rapper Rick Ross and in the tape is having sex with her boyfriend.

The young Florida mother insists that she went through emotional trauma and was almost driven to suicide because of the actions of 50 Cent, who she claims humiliated her after invading her privacy by posting a video on the Internet of her having sex with a boyfriend. Because of this trauma, she is seeking damages in a civil trial that could cost 50 Cent a significant amount of money.  Earlier this week, he declared bankruptcy for his boxing company SMS Promotions in a feeble attempt to protect his assets by stating that his company had $500,000 in debts it could not pay.

However, on Thursday, May 28, a federal judge made a move that will make the rapper face justice for his action. Judge Katherine Failla  separated the bankruptcy case from the civil lawsuit at the request of Leviston’s lawyers.