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Silento discusses the ‘Watch Me’ dance movement


Photo credit: Instagram @therealsilento

Atlanta’s own Silento is a newcomer on the scene with a megahit that has attracted the masses. His hit single, “Watch Me,” has become infectious due to its catchy lyrics and the famous “Nae Nae” dance. During his interview with rolling out, he talked about his newfound fame, the inspiration behind the song, and more.

What was your first introduction to music?

In middle school, I wrote in my notes what I wanted to do. The plan was to change things in music so I started writing school songs, and then from there I was apart of a group. While I was in the group, I started to take it more seriously than the other members so I got out of the group, and I already had, “Watch Me,” so once I left the group, I dropped it and it took off from there.

Who are some of your earlier musical influences?

Rich Kidz, Lil Boosie, Young Thug, Ca$h-Out, and anybody who has been featured on BET.

How is it being it Atlanta, knowing that all of these different artists are here? Did it inspire you?

I mean I’m not going to say that it inspired me, it just put the idea in my head that I gotta get it going for myself.

How did you get into the studio for the first time?

It was through one of my friends. We allegedly was supposed to be in another group but his mom didn’t make the decision and I was being a loyal friend, so me and him made our own group and his mom knew some people so that’s how we originally got in the studio. We ended up transferring to another studio and that’s how I met Bolo, and ever since I got out of the group, I been working.

What happened on the day you recorded “Watch Me”? 

I recorded “Watch Me” one day after school. I had been asking Bolo to produce the song for me for about three months, and he didn’t think it was going to be anything, but when we did the song and dropped it on SoundCloud, it took off.

Do you remember the first time you heard your song on the radio?

The first time I heard the song on the radio was last week while I was on the freeway headed to an interview. And I knew that I was going to hear it, but I didn’t hear it on the radio at the same time that everyone else did but it was a blessing to be on the radio, period.

How did the label situation come about?

They emailed me at first, and said that they had heard the song, and a week later they emailed and said that the song had exploded so from there, they came out and talked to us and we handled business.

Kevin Hart was seen recently doing the dance, and a lot of NBA and NFL players have been doing it as well.

See, Kevin Hart was doing it, but I gotta teach him how to do it right. And I’ve seen the guys in the NBA and NFL doing it too.

Where do you plan to take this dance next?

I see people using the dance for fitness so we can use it in fitness areas and the kids love it regardless when it comes on so I think more things can, and will be done with it. I want to show Michelle and President Obama how to do the dance too.

Andre J. Ellington (@TheSuitMastor)