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Writing Sessions Unplugged Icon Awards bring Grammy winners and more to Apache Cafe

Writing Sessions Unplugged Awards6

Atlanta’s Apache Cafe was the scene of an immense sharing of music industry knowledge from those who have led the industry for many years as well as those making new paths and taking the lead in the ever-changing world of music.

In addition to performances, there was a panel that included the night’s honorees; two-time Grammy winners Milk & Sizz; entertainment attorney Bernie Lawrence-Watkins; Marc Gordon of Lavert; music industry execs David Linton and Tricky Montgomery; Curtis Daniels, founder of Patchwerk Studios; Tasha and Stone Stafford, founders of Icon Studios; and Rafael Capone, owner of The Soul Asylum Studios Group. Moderator Bria Janelle of radio station Streetz 94.5 asked the panelists several questions that kept up a lively debate among them while sharing great insight to the audience.

The music business has changed drastically, even in the last five years, and will continue changing at a rapid pace. If you’re a writer, producer, singer or rapper you need to really understand the business that you’re in. Selling music shouldn’t be your game plan because the profits just aren’t there; most people stream their music rather than buying music. It’s all about how you use music as a platform to promote your performances, products or both. That’s where the profit is.

Enjoy the photos and see you at the next Writing Sessions Unplugged on June 25 for “Style Your Music” and the introduction of Kellie Brew Inc.!