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Beyoncé fans angry over disappointing public announcement

Beyonce/ABC News Screenshot

Beyonce/ABC News Screenshot

When it comes to Beyoncé, fans of the superstar will usually go crazy over any bit of info about her whether she’s supporting Ferguson protestors, releasing a new album, or simply caught picking a booger out her nose. But now it looks like Beyoncé has finally made a misstep in the media because fans crying foul against her over a disappointing public announcement.

During the NBA finals Sunday night, Bey teased fans with news that she’d be making a big announcement the next day. Of course, fans expected some mind-blowing news about her music or her family.

However, the next day, Good Morning America posted a pre-taped video clip of Beyoncé talking about, of all things, her struggles with dieting and her decision to go vegan to help her lose weight. She also announced that she’d partnered with Marco Borges, the creator of the 22 Day Revolution diet book, to create a new vegan diet meal plan — 22 Days Nutrition.

Not surprisingly, fans were outraged by the lackluster news from Beyoncé and they began to blast her online.

“So Beyonce woke yall up just to tell yall she lost weight?” one disappointed fan tweeted.

“she made an announcement, for an announcement, that was about f—ing vegetables. good the f— bye,” wrote another angry fan.

Fans also blasted Bey for billing the announcement as the first time she’s ever talked about her vegan diet plan, although it was, in fact, first announced back in February. Fans also noted that GMA referenced Bey’s Twitter account, which she hasn’t used since August 2013.

“‘first time speaking on her 22 day vegan diet’ … NO B—- ITS F—ING NOT,” an angry fan wrote.

“No shade but how is Beyonce going to tell me to be a vegan when her and Nicki were feeding each other burgers in the Feelin’ Myself music video?” another fan wrote.

Clearly, the BeyHive isn’t too happy with their Queen B, right now. But we guess that by the end of the week, they’ll have forgiven her and will be back to worshipping her again.


  1. honeybutter on June 9, 2015 at 12:37 pm

    i keep wonder why beyonce get all this attention ,, after she dissed her father , if micheal jackson diss joe jackson it was big news , but beyonce does it and no one cares . plus she diss her new siblings like what the hell did her siblings have to do with her father, wanting to have kids with another woman? it all makes no since at all

  2. Truthis on June 9, 2015 at 1:09 pm

    It’s all much ado about nothing! Just something to get folks talking about her. Her “Google count/searches” must be down! ? ? This is typical behavior for her. Just like she resold ya’ll the same album by adding 3 new songs. Chile Bye! I could go on but I have better things to do with my time.

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