Lisa Nicole Cloud talks ‘Married to Medicine’ season 3

Image source: 10Squared
Image source: 10Squared

Bravo’s hit reality series, “Married to Medicine,” returned for an electrifying third season on June 7. Viewers will get a chance to get a deeper look into the lives of the ladies both personally and professionally. The tension heightens between the women as they face new challenges in their careers, friendships are tested, and the families’ homes become a war zone. As for cast member Lisa Nicole Cloud, the ongoing drama isn’t going to ruin her success.The business mogul shows the true essence of entrepreneurship through her charitable endeavors throughout this season.”This time I was able to move forward and leave previous issues behind,” says Cloud.

Cloud is a direct sales expert, author, designer, business coach and philanthropist. She is the founder and CEO of Elite Marketing Strategies,  Lisa Nicole Enterprises and The Lisa Nicole Collection, an upscale clothing line created for women.When Cloud isn’t managing her array of companies, she spends her time maintaining a happy home with her beloved husband and two children.”No matter how successful you are if you don’t have that balance; your family will resent your success. I do my best to stay centered, so I can focus on what I want to accomplish in my day,” says Cloud.

Cloud recently took time out of her busy schedule to fill rolling out in on her personal growth since last season, current relationships with cast members, and what’s next for her professional career.

Make sure to tune in to “Married to Medicine” every Sunday at 8 p.m. EST.

Check out what Cloud had to say below:

What can we look forward to on “Married to Medicine” this season? 

You guys are in for a great season. There is definitely a lot of exciting story lines centered our drama and real life issues. Also, you’re going to see different dynamics between the cast members, their spouses and kids. This is a season that truly shows me as a businesswoman, a wife and mother.

How would you say you have grown personally since last season? 

I think that life is a journey and we will always continue growing. I’m a woman who inspires people and teaches them about how to be successful. I realized I am always pouring into people and people are not there supporting me during my difficult times. I have really learned the importance of having a strong group of people that are apart of your internal team. You will see this season the challenges I have had with former employees. I want to make sure that my inner circle is extremely genuine and not with me for an alternative motive. This time I was able to move forward and leave previous issues behind.

How do you juggle running several businesses and spending time with your family?

Balance is one of the things I have to devote a lot of time and energy to. I do run a lot of businesses, so I have to be very strategic and focused, because time is not on my side. I also have to make sure that I carve out quality time with my family and my husband. No matter how successful you are if you don’t have that balance; your family will resent your success. I do my best to stay centered, so I can focus on what I want to accomplish in my day.

Were you afraid that doing “Married to Medicine” would break up you family after witnessing it happen to other reality stars.

I think when someone decides to do reality TV they do so knowing that these are the potential things that could happen. My husband and I were clear that we would never allow being on the show to get in the way of our family or marriage. We are committed to talking through our emotions and trying to be authentic on camera. We have always had a very strong marriage. There are no secrets in my story line about the rough patches my husband and I have faced. I don’t worry that it will affect my family at all. I am very forthright with my kids. When bad things happen we sit down and have a family discussion to air out drama.

Which cast member(s) are you closest to? 

Last season Heavenly and I had some issues, because she questioned the industry I was in. I also had some conversations I made about her daughter in a blog. At the end of the day, out of all the women from the cast the two of us have the most in common. We have very similar values about our families and our marriages. We are both really focused on our businesses and I think those commonalities brought us closer. Heavenly is the one I am closest with right now, but I also have a great relationship with Toya too. Both of those ladies were really there for me this season.

How has the show impacted your career? 

My clothing line has continued to do well and I think the show gave it more exposure. The Women’s Empowerment Network is continuing to grow also. The last four years we did a three-day event in Atlanta, but this year we are adding other cities to a five-city tour. This was all a result of people writing to my office asking for us to bring the network to their cities. Overall, it’s been a great experience this season and people will be able to see the work I have done in the community.

 What other projects are you working on? 

This year my husband I are working on a medical mission in Haiti. We are taking a team of 15 doctors to Haiti and donating 250,000 dollars to a medical organization called Medshare. When we traveled to these hospitals I realized they needed human resources, supplies and technology. My husband and I have reached out to hospitals all across the country to get them to donate their old equipment to Haiti. We brought together his world of medicine and my world of fashion, all in the name of philanthropy.

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