Pose Wellness holds inaugural HerMone 5K Walk

Photo courtesy of Lawrence Prescott


The first HerMone 5K Walk was organized by Wendy Prescott. Prescott opened her fitness studio, Pose Wellness, which offers many different classes, to help women as well as men. As Prescott began having health challenges, she realized that other women were also experiencing problems because of hormonal imbalances due to a variety of factors, from PMS to menopause. That inspired her to establish the first HerMone 5K Walk, and throngs of people came out to walk with Prescott.

Sponsors included rolling out and Wayfield Foods in Fayetteville, Georgia. Wayfield provided fruit, water and other items for participants. Clayton County Police Department officers drove in front and behind the walkers for their safety. My Lifestyle smoothie in Fayetteville provided samples of different flavors of smoothies. For information on Pose Wellness classes, visit www.poswellness.com.

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