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Lalah Hathaway mesmerizes audience at The Shrine in Chicago


Photo courtesy of Tito Garcia of Totalii Vision

When it comes to just all out “sangin” there are very few that can match up to the ability of Lalah Hathaway. Her uncanny skills were on full display recently at The Shrine nightclub in Chicago.

Hathaway started her set by performing “Ghetto Boy,” a song made famous by her legendary father, Donny Hathaway. Hathaway has a way of making any song she sings her own. Her soft sultry voice has the ability to embrace your soul no matter what she is singing. The audience feels this quality and it was evident by the way they were attuned with every lyric and phrase.

Photo courtesy of Tito Garcia of Totalii Vision

Photo courtesy of Tito Garcia of Totalii Vision

Hathaway performed her rendition of “Angel,” which was originally sung by Anita Baker, a few more covers and then transitioned into her song “I’m Coming Back” from her debut release in 1990. The rendition she did on this night was a bit darker but no less amazing.


Photo courtesy of Tito Garcia of Totalii Vision

Hathaway is her own artist. As great of a singer as her dad was, it still does not eclipse her talent. It would not be a stretch to say she is one of the best vocalists of our time. She is comfortable in her skin and it shows. Hathaway exhibits a vocal dexterity that seems extremely rare. Nothing sounds forced or overly produced. The warmth of her performance was well received and after ending her show she was called back for an encore. I loved her performance and look forward to this experience again in the future.


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