MC Hammer’s winter beanie at NBA Finals, Twitter reacts

MC Hammer Knit Hat-5Fans catch MC Hammer wearing a knit hat to Cavaliers-Warriors Game

MC Hammer was caught committing a fashion crime on Sunday night. The blow to Cleveland Cavaliers, following a loss to the Golden State Warriors, was softened when Twitter made light of rapper MC Hammer. The 52-year-old had the audacity to wear a Warriors knit hat to the game. Yes, you read it correctly. He wore a knit hat. It’s almost summer. The average temperature is 70 degrees in Oakland, California. We expect overzealous fans to sport peculiar ensembles. But, they are typically in season.

Stephen Curry and the Warriors took a 3-2 series lead when they won the home game at Oracle Arena. The final score was 94 to 101. It has been a tough battle for LeBron James and the Cavaliers. They loss All-Star teammates Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, who are out due to a fractured knee-cap and a dislocated left shoulder, respectively.

Curry and James, Akron, Ohio, natives are vying hard for their championship ring. James has two rings (2012 and 2013, Miami Heat) and Curry has none. (The Warriors franchise won NBA championships in 1947, 1956 and 1975).

Back to MC Hammer’s fashion. Team pride is one thing. This was a major fashion fail for the “U Can’t Touch This” rapper. Twitter even questioned his ability to afford floor seats. The former Capitol Records recording artist was earning upward of $33 million a year at his peak in 1991. In 1996, MC Hammer was in debt past his parachute pants — $13 million — and was forced to sell his house for considerably less than what he paid for it.

When you visit the NBA store’s website, the description for a beanie similar to the one MC Hammer was sporting Sunday night reads: “Keep warm in this Golden State Warriors …”

MC Hammer, seeing you on the Jumbotron wearing a knit hat at to the NBA finals was too legit to miss.

Yvette Caslin
Yvette Caslin

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