Rachel Dolezal wants your ‘Black girl juice’: An open letter to my sisters

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Rachel Dolezal wants your Black girl juice: An open letter to my sisters

Dear Sisters:

Rachel Dolezal has you tripping … like really, really, really tripping. You can’t seem to comprehend, understand, believe, wrap your head around why any blond-haired, blue-eyed, pale-skinned White girl, who thus has the golden key to the glorious White kingdom, would want to be Black. In the days since Dolezal’s Black-passing scandal came to light, I’ve been watching you carrying on about how “interesting” and “odd” and “weird” it is that Dolezal would want, of all things, to be a Black woman in America.

I’ve watched you, and honestly, I’ve been disgusted that you would question Dolezal’s decision to widen her eyes with thick black eyeliner, visit the Korean man’s wig shop and purchase an Afro puff 1B braid (you know the kind), and plump her lips with that peach Posner’s greasy lipstick you left behind in 10th grade. I’m disgusted because you, my sister, in your interest, and in your surprise, and in your awe, are forgetting one thing: we got the juice, baby. We got that “Black girl juice.” We got that thing that everyone wants and watches and gazes at and lingers on and tries to be, but can never, ever duplicate.

Come on! I know you know. I know you remember, sister, how beautiful and spectacular and downright enigmatically unique you are. How you stride flawlessly into a room. How you talk that talk at the kitchen table. How you sit with one hip poked out. How your body is shaped like a throne just waiting to be worshiped. Your attitude is like gum popping. They call you a b—- for that. But that’s just because you don’t let anybody f— with you. You don’t let anybody f— with your people. You’re funny with your girls. You’re creative in your home. You’re your man’s truest ally. You’d do anything for your babies. Your beauty is the only thing that makes the ‘hood survivable. Your cooking got us through slavery. Your gun got us out of slavery.

You remember now? I hope you do. I hope you never ever question why anyone would want to be exactly what you got all for free, all from the creator, who created you, the Black woman, first. Oh, you never looked up Mitochondrial Eve, sister? Well, it’s true. Every single human being on earth has the DNA of the first person in the world, a Black woman (go ahead and look it up—science, baby). So, your mama, and my mama, and somewhere down the line, yes, Dolezal’s mama, is Black — African, to be exact. Maybe Dolezal is just coming on home and having her Sankofa experience (go ahead, sister, and watch that movie, too). Maybe she’s trying to tap into her Black girl juice. Maybe she’s admitting what everyone knows and what everyone seems to want you to forget — that there’s a power to this thing of being a Black woman. That there’s some wizardry, some cosmic brilliance to this skin you’re in. There really is Black girl juice. It’s what poet Jessica Care Moore describes as, “Maple syrup in the morning,/Brown sugar that sweetens./Cinnamon twist in apple cider,/Magic black dust inside her./Wheat bread with homemade spread/This juice goes straight to your head./Coffee without dairy cream,/Any man`s dream” in her poem of the same name.

So, here it is, sister: stop disgusting me with your curiosity in Dolezal’s decision. From now on, I want you to say, “Shole is,” whenever more news about Dolezal’s passing comes to light. She’s only doing what everyone else wants to do. Kylie Jenner and her plumped lips. Kim Kardashian and her fake butt. Bo Derek and her braids. All their tanning. All their calling, “gurlfriends.” Dolezal isn’t new. Dolezal isn’t original. Dolezal isn’t crazy for wanting to be a Black woman. Shole isn’t.

Yours in sisterhood,

Calaya Reid

Rachel Dolezal thumb LinkedIn
Rachel Dolezal thumb LinkedIn
Calaya Michelle Stallworth
Calaya Michelle Stallworth

A novelist and essayist, Calaya Michelle Stallworth is a creative writing professor in Atlanta, Georgia. She earned a doctorate in English at Georgia State University. She has published ten novels under the pen name Grace Octavia with Kensington and Harlequin. Instagram: @blackwritergonerogue

  1. Calaya, I have to somewhat agree with you, to a certain extent.

    I am full aware of Bo Derek in the movie 10 and her throw-back long ash blonde braids and running on the beach looking very tanned in her bright white bating suit. And yet Bo is practically a racist herself. I’ve never known her to even talk to a Black Woman and that too is strange…how can you want to associate yourself with a culture, when in fact you loathe to be separated from them?!

    Of course we could revisit a lot of entertainers who have altered their bodies to resemble that of a Black Woman….but in this particular case…this chic lied to folks and said her father is Black and thus she is too….

    However, prior to that, she sued HU for discrimination (she was a White Woman then) and she lost the case and was ordered to repay the university for legal fees and other administrative costs.

    Then in other public documents she proclaimed she was part Black and then finally, she escalated to being a Black Woman.

    I don’t know about you, but I find the entire story a bit odd and I’m sorry, but I want to know the true motive behind this and how did she ever think she would get away with this act for the remainder of her lifetime? Deeply, I find it all troubling, period!

    1. she did get away with it until her parents whom clearly dont like blacks come out mad cause she dissociated with them . if she had associated with them they would never have come out the would have accepted her like she is , how many white women married to black men talking and memicing black women really wanting to be black .. and failing because black folks are hating on them .. some people try to stop folks from acting the way the want to . im black but they say i act white? because i sound white? this whole thing is stupid that lady did nothing tina marie , kim kardashian and all the other fake blacks have done . want to be black period

  2. WOW…this is one of the best articles I’ve read here. And to make sure I was on Rolling Out. Go CALAYA …SHOLE IS a sister who got all journalistically lyrical up and through. And I agree. There’s fascination on the black woman front as if being a black woman isn’t something white women have ALWAYS imitated. And a disgust and outrage on the general white front as to why a white woman would want to be black not just in look but IDENTIFICATION. You should read some of the white comments on the Washington Post. White people are up and arms about this, in ways white folks aren’t.

    1. These ppl are racist…AND HATEFUL TOWARDS BLK WOMEN….CHILE PLS.. This womans actions will never ger placed on my back….I dont do slave. White women wear braids…as white women…..that’s showing admiration…not taking someone’s identity…and collecting fees down at the NAAWP.

  3. The idea of anyone trying to take this off this woman and the things that shes done…says something about you. We laughed at how she hit that exit when that man asked her is this your daddy?…so what. Where is your mortals and integrity when you’re defending a liar and a theft.

    And at the end of the day…what she did was out of get back not love.

    1. no she wanted to identify with blacks which all racism would be dispelled if other whites stop thinking we want to loook like them case in point no one says anything bout beyonce ovious desend into white ,, white people bought her act for years , buying all her tickets cause she could pass for white ? a baffoonery .. they like that joke but when one of their own gear up with black attire black wigs , black skin they , dont find it funny anymore lol . . well get ready cause a lot of white kids will feel better now about wearing braids and tanning darker than they usually do . . no telling what racheal has actually started in this country and this could really calm whites from all this superior color and creed shit no one is better than no one honey …..racheal proves this

  4. i just got dam chills reading this , this is so true we do not embrace what rachel does we have become ashamed of the most powerul tools we have our body mind and soul a clear threat to weak minded whites who already know we dont know our worth racheal actually proved our worth laugh and giggle too

  5. THIS WILL BE A NEW TREND FOR WHITE KIDS. HOW COME BEYONCE PUTS ON A WHITE WIG WHITE MAKE UP AND LOOK WHITE AND WHITE LOVE HER BUFOONERY .. YET WHEN .. . a white lady wants to look like beyonce they got a problem racheal is the same complex as beyonce ironically so what if she want to be a light skin black woman i find it comical and cute not fake and phony many black folks dont like being black . . so now a white woman dont want to be white , and whites are agast over it give over it please

  6. Though I love Jessica, wasn’t feeling this write up.., sorry I am not amused nor pleasured by this interloper whom has no integrity and no respect for black women, as she laughs her way to the bank in BLACK FACE.

  7. It is one thing to love our black features and it is another to lie about your identity. She called an old man she barely knows her dad/father. She puts in a afro-textured hair weave in her head and posts it as her “going natural”. Its amazing that she is able to spin her lies in such a way that people are actually entertaining her deception and fraudulent behavior as “acceptable”. White privilege at a new weird level.

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