Rotimi becomes newest heartthrob on ‘Power’

Rotimi (POWER)
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Rotimi joins ‘Power’ cast

Season two of “Power” kicks off with the same beloved lineup, but a new edition has been added to the show’s all-star cast. He goes by the name Rotimi. You may recognize his handsome face from playing Darius Robinson on the drama series “Boss” back in 2011. It seems Starz just can’t get enough of the Nigerian-American heartthrob after casting him for a second time around with the network.

Rotimi, 26-year-old New Jersey native has always been determined to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry, but education was at the forefront of his game plan to achieve success. In 2010, Rotimi graduated from Northwestern University with a communications degree under his belt. He then began his career as a musician opening up for major artists including Estelle, T.I., Jennifer Hudson, N.E.R.D. and more. As a contemporary artist, he also released two digital mixtapes titled The Resume and While You Wait a year later.

The actor, singer-songwriter is trying to dominate in both the film and music industries, so it’s only right that he co-stars alongside entrepreneur 50 Cent. On “Power,” Rotimi plays Dre, the quick tempered protege of 50’s character, Kanan. “Having the opportunity to work with Curtis is a blessing, because he is so multitalented in a variety of areas,” Rotimi says.

Rolling out caught up with Rotimi to learn more about his character on the show, working with the cast and his next career moves:

How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?

I have been singing since I was 6 years old. When I was 15, I did the Apollo and that was when I realized I wanted to do music. I also did several musicals while I was in high school. While I was in college, I would tour with my music to different cities and other universities. As for acting, in 2011 I got an agent who helped me book my first TV show called Boss and from that point things just took off.

How rigorous was the process of getting selected for “Power”?

The audition process started in August of last year. My agent sent them my tape and two to three weeks later I received a call back from the director. They told me they wanted to sit down with me for a director’s session and go over the script. After the session I met with the cast and the creator to perform the scene in front of everyone. They narrowed it down to three people and I ended up getting the role.

What can you tell me about you character on “Power”?

Basically, I am just a protege of 50. He is conflicted with who his loyalty lies with, whether it’s Ghost, Kanan or Tommy. His allegiance is initially with 50, but things change after several situations. His character is like a baby Ghost and a baby Kanan all balled up in one. At this point he is just trying to prove himself to these guys.

Do you identify with any of character’s traits on the show?

Yes. Musically I feel that I have a lot to prove to everyone. This is where I relate to Dre, because he is new and wants Kanan and Ghost to feel like he belongs. I think its the same thing for me trying to prove myself as an actor and artist by any means necessary. His drive and focus marry mine to a certain extent.

What is your relationship with the cast members on the show?

I am blessed to work with them. They have definitely adopted me a their little brother. Coming on to a show that is already a hit is one of the hardest things to do, because you don’t want to mess up the chemistry that the cast has built in the years before. I feel so privileged to work with them. They have all taken me under their wings. It was a perfect fit and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

How would you describe your sound as an R&B artist?

I am Nigerian American, so there is a different twang in my voice that others may find unique. My style is very versatile and I love telling stories through my music. I love telling truth in my records and coming from a place of realness. I like Usher’s vibes, but I also grew up listening to reggae and country music.

As an R&B artist, what is your take on rappers trying to sing?

Music is always evolving. With rappers singing it tends to put R&B artists on a pedestal who actual possess the talent of having great vocals. It just forces artist to adapt to the new wave of music. I don’t think it’s a diss to R&B music at all, because right now fans are just focused on the turn up style music. Everything is all about the beat, so you just have to catch the movement.

What projects do you have coming up?

My single “Lotto” is coming out this week featuring 50 cent. I also have a movie coming out early next year called Deuces starring Lance Goss and Meagan Good. We are about to start filming “Power” season three in the next couple of months, so that is exciting. My EP will be released in a couple of months with some awesome tracks. I’m just trying to kill ’em on every level.

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