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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ episode 8 best moments

Vh1 Screenshot

VH1 Screenshot


Ariane meets with Margeaux

After last week’s blowup between Margeaux and Mimi, Ariane decides to meet up with Margeaux to get the full story on what she thinks about Mimi and Nikko, as well as find out what Margeaux knows about the sex tape. Of course, Margeaux thinks Mimi is lying about not masterminding the leak of the tape. She also claims Nikko told her there’s a secret man who brokered the sex tape deal, and he is ready to come forward and tell “the truth.” Ariane is shocked and later on she meets with Mimi to tell her what happened. Ariane grills Mimi about the details of the sex tape and Mimi gets defensive, saying she doesn’t have to explain anything to her friend. Ariane warns Mimi about the secret broker and tells her, if she’s keeping secrets to expose herself before Nikko does. Ariane tells Mimi that she’s going to model for Margeaux’s art show. Mimi blows up and, understandably, kicks Ariane out of her home.

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