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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ episode 8 best moments

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Joseline and Stevie make up

After last week’s blowup, Stevie and Joseline aren’t on good terms. But Kalenna gives Joseline a good reason to speak to Stevie when she tells her that she’s agreed to let her husband sink their savings into a new club and she wants Joseline to perform on opening night. Joseline needs Stevie’s band to perform so when she meets with Stevie, she tells him about the new opportunity. Joseline also complains to him that he shouldn’t be working with “local acts” like Tiffany Foxx and Jessica Dime. Stevie reveals that he hasn’t worked with either woman and tells Joseline that he’ll do whatever she wants to help her career. Joseline apologizes for blowing up on him and the two hug it out.

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