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Bobby Brown allegedly furious over sister’s rant on Pat Houston

Photo Credit: Bobbi Kristina’s Instagram (@realbkristinahg)

Photo Credit: Bobbi Kristina’s Instagram (@realbkristinahg)

This week, Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah Brown was all over the tabloids thanks to her scathing Facebook post about Pat Houston, in which she claimed that Houston was allegedly pushing her family to take Bobbi Kristina off life support and let her die. Although Leolah made it seem as though the rest of her family was in agreement, a new report claims that her brother is furious over her rant.

As previously reported, Leolah claimed in her Facebook post that Houston wanted to quickly pull the plug on Bobbi because of her growing medical expenses.

“In the beginning’ of Bobbi Kristina being in a coma; Ms. So-called Pat Houston, Real name: ‘Marion Patricia Watson Garland’, wanted so badly and had the nerve to sarcastically say to my brother Bobby, ‘why don’t he just pull the plug on Bobbi Kriss, because it’s costing too much money to keep her alive!’ YES, Pat Garland did have that nerve to say that to Bobbi Kristina’s father Bobby. It was her, Pat Garland, the one & only who had the big balls of such an idea! Therefore, I am not surprised at what the media has said. It is evident & obvious that SOMEONE just does not want to see my niece LIVE.SMH!” Leolah wrote.

Leolah Brown/Fox 5 Sceenshot

Leolah Brown/Fox 5 Sceenshot

According to TMZ though, Brown is angry at Leolah for making such harsh accusations about Houston. Sources reveal Brown is claiming his sister hasn’t been around Bobbi and that she’s making up stories about Houston.

As for why Leolah would pull such a stunt, sources say Brown is convinced his sister is doing it for publicity.

Although the Browns and Houstons haven’t always seen eye-to-eye over Bobbi’s care, Brown allegedly assures that any negative comments from his sister about Houston are false.

Well, it sounds like there’s still a lot of turmoil and strife among the Houston and Brown families. As always, we just hope they come together for the Bobbi’s sake.



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