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Reality TV » Did Rasheeda one-up Karlie Redd in opening boutique in posh location?

Did Rasheeda one-up Karlie Redd in opening boutique in posh location?

Photo Courtesy: Chella Khatoum Tut

Rasheeda opens Pressed boutique at posh Atlanta mall, Phipps Plaza

The rivalry between “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s” Rasheeda and Karlie Redd just turned up a few more notches. The boss chick is making major moves this season with the grand opening of her upscale boutique, Pressed. On June 17, Rasheeda welcomed a small number of invited guests to check out her new retail spot. The luxurious storefront is located inside one of the city’s most exclusive shopping destinations, Phipps Plaza in Buckhead. This area is considered to be the Beverly Hills of Atlanta.

Coincidentally, the grand opening of Pressed just so happened to take place while the cast was filming an episode for the show. FreddyO along with several other notable media outlets tried to capture the exciting event, but things got heated when VH1’s production crew told them they couldn’t film during the taping. To make matters worse, attendees and media had to wait in one long line for hours only to be told after being admitted that they would have to leave if they weren’t planning to make a purchase. Now we all know the most important part of running a successful retail business is delivering great customer service.

Karlie Redd was front and center for all the drama with the other members from the cast, including Mimi Faust and Ariane Davis. Keep in mind that Redd also runs a boutique named, Merci. We have to admit her storefront in Stonecrest Mall isn’t as glamorous as Rasheeda’s location, but on the flip side, Redd’s grand opening was more tasteful and her staff gave attendees a taste of true Southern hospitality. Although these two hot heads seem to be at odds, unfortunately they share similar taste in terms of the merchandise they choose for their boutiques. Both stores carry identical brands that cater to the same clientele. Yes, the boutiques are miles apart in terms of geography, but their urban-edgy clothing will put them in direct competition. The drama between the two will certainly continue with the issues no longer being just personal but now a business matter. At which store would you and your friends prefer to shop?