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Politics » Nation braces for Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage

Nation braces for Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage

Ruth Bader Ginsburg/Bloomberg Screenshot

Ruth Bader Ginsburg/Bloomberg screenshot

Earlier this year, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg claimed that America is ready to see same-sex marriage become legalized across the nation. And now her words may become a reality as reports have revealed that the Supreme Court will rule on the issue of same-sex marriage.

Obergefell v. Hodges, the groundbreaking marriage equality case in which gay couples are challenging state laws banning same-sex marriage, is one of 11 cases that the Supreme Court has left to decide upon before going into summer recess.

According to numerous reports, the Supreme Court has listed Thursday, June 25, and Monday, June 29, as decision days and early predictions have SCOTUS ruling in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage.

However, if SCOTUS rules In favor of same-sex marriage, gay couples will still have more legal battles to fight on a statewide level. For example, if a state doesn’t have legislation barring discrimination when it comes to sexuality, gay couples could still be refused service at restaurants or landlords might still refuse housing to them. The only difference is, married gay couples would be able to file a lawsuit over the discrimination.

Despite the long battle ahead, we’re hopeful that SCOTUS will choose to land on the right side of history and legalize same-sex marriage and we hope the states will follow suit and pass more legislation to give the LGBT community equal rights.