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Pro wrestler Matt Cage comes out as gay

Photo Credit: Matt Cage's Facebook (themattcage)

Photo credit: Matt Cage’s Facebook (themattcage)

Independent pro wrestler “Money” Matt Cage has gone from being a local star to gaining national attention after making the bold move to come out as gay.

Cage, born Matt Hullum, lives in La Salle, Illinois, outside Chicago, and has been building a name for himself in the world of wrestling by working the independent pro wrestling circuit. And last week, the 26-year-old decided to come out with a Facebook post titled “Here Goes Nothing.”

“One of the biggest fears in my life has been rejection. I’m not sure why. I was never the most popular kid in school or in my neighborhood, but I always had a plethora of friends in many different cliques. I was never really rejected by anyone that I hung out with in one clique for hanging out with people in another, yet I always feared being rejected. But as I’ve grown older and continued down the road of adulthood, I have discovered that I truly don’t care as much about rejection anymore. And why should I? My friends will like me for me, flaws and all. My family will love me for me. My peers will respect me for my work. And complete strangers can think whatever they want, because they’re strangers and they don’t know me. That being said, it makes it much easier to post here publicly that I’m gay,” he wrote.

Photo Credit: Matt Cage's Facebook (themattcage)

Photo Credit: Matt Cage’s Facebook (themattcage)

Hullum explains that he initially found himself attracted to both men and women, but now he considers himself to be gay.

“For the longest time, I claimed that I was bisexual. When I privately came out to people that already know, I told them that this was the case. And it was. However, I have no real intentions of pursuing females at this stage of my life. I still find beautiful women beautiful. I don’t think that’ll ever change. But I think that to continue to claim something that’s not true is just continuing a streak [of] dishonesty and I don’t want that. Sorry, ladies. I’m officially pulling myself off of the market. Don’t hate me too bad.”

Considering that Hullum’s post has gotten a few hundred likes and applause from fellow wrestlers, we’re sure that he will find a lot more fans than haters after this.

But his post doesn’t end there. Read the rest of it after the cut.

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