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‘Love & Hip Hip Atlanta’ episode 10 best moments

Jessica Dime Calls Joseline Her Trick

Jessica claims Joseline was her “trick”

When Jessica and Karlie meet up for a spa day, Jessica brings up her gripes with Mimi’s management skills as well as her hunch that Joseline is the reason that she hasn’t been able to get in the studio with Stevie J. Karlie, of course, tells Jessica that Joseline is saying they’re not friends, they just shared a locker at the strip club. But Jessica claims that Joseline was her trick and that Stevie tried to sleep with her as well, but she refused. Later on, Karlie goes back to Joseline and tells her what Jessica said, and Joseline admits that she slept with Jessica and gave her money, but she claims Jessica was a prostitute for a lot of people and everyone in Miami knew it. Joseline then tells Karlie to tell Jessica so they can finally confront each other about their growing beef.

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