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Lil Scrappy criticizes Caitlyn Jenner’s trans coming out story

Photo Credit: Lil Scrappy's Instagram (@reallilscrappy)

Photo Credit: Lil Scrappy’s Instagram (@reallilscrappy)

Caitlyn Jenner has had her fair share of detractors ever since she came out as transgender and made her debut as a woman on the cover of Vanity Fair weeks ago. And it looks like one of those detractors is “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Lil Scrappy, who recently criticized her coming out story as a “racist situation.”

“That situation is also a racist situation,” Lil Scrappy said in a new interview with Vlad TV. “We’re gonna go right back to race again when we talk about Bruce and Cate. The reason I say it’s racist cause if a black man was to do that, come on man. Ain’t no money, b—-. You ruined. You ruined. You is ruined. You gon’ be ruined. Can’t no black man stand up and say ‘Oh, my whole life I felt like a woman. But I was just holding it down for my little—my kids and my b—-.’ We say that s—? We gon’ get assassinated. By us. We don’t play that s—. Black folks don’t play that s—.”

Scrappy then went on to explain that he thinks Hillary Clinton will win the next presidential election because men are giving up their so-called superiority and power by wanting to become women. He also disregarded the trans experience and claimed that people should stick to the gender they were assigned at birth.

“I feel like Hillary’s definitely gonna win the seat for presidency because women are more stronger than men these days,” he said. “And they’re playing their part. They’re actually being the man. Men actually want to be them. Men want to be women. I love my d—. I want to be a man…I don’t want to be a woman.”

“For the world of young kids, man. Young little boys. Stick with what you was made to be. If you got a penis be a penis. Be a man. Women, if you was made and you got a pussy. Man, rock yo pussy…I’m proud to be a black man. I’m very proud.”

Although Scrappy had no sympathy or empathy for transgender people, he assured that he has nothing against another community – the gay community.

Read what he had to say after the cut.

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  1. cupcake333 on July 2, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    ROLLINGOUT WRONG!! scrappy is right .. completely slang but right , you can let people be who they choose , but you can choose not to be around them , thats how whites been treating blacks cant come to their house but you can work with them , you cant picknic with them but every thing else is fine .. black folks know descrimiantion better than anyone .. gay black men are felt sorry for , whites dont mess with them cause they know they are double descriminated so they get sympathy you never see a cop arresting or harrassing a gay black man ? right?
    its usually straight ones they know the accent of a clear cut gay male .. they sound nasally and whinny .. blacks also dont mess with them we are embarrased for them but we dont try to change them or alter them . . we really do respect them more than we did 30 years ago they have rights now and previlieges they never had , with this new marriage thing it set them on the map we have to respect them live next door to them . and dine with them,, if im in a restaurant and see a gay couple it want bother me ..but some black men would leave …. if they say they are against it they are usually dont chance it …

  2. FuZ on July 3, 2015 at 12:27 am

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