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Lil Scrappy criticizes Caitlyn Jenner’s trans coming out story

Photo Credit: Lil Scrappy's Instagram (@reallilscrappy)

Photo Credit: Lil Scrappy’s Instagram (@reallilscrappy)

“I ain’t saying nothing about gay people though. I just want to let everybody know if you are gay, homosexual, bisexual, whatever you is, that’s your s—t. I just have a problem with people when they hide it and I have a problem with a man is sitting there changing his whole thing. All these young dudes, all these little boys, they look at that and now they wearing dresses and stuff,” Scrappy said.

So it sounds like he’s saying he approves of gay people, but if only if they don’t make him uncomfortable by breaking the strict gender rules that make him comfortable in his narrow ideas femininity and masculinity. Also, acknowledging and challenging the homophobia and effimiphobia (which he’s displayed) that pushes people into the closet is of no concern to him. And he doesn’t approve of transgender people because, somehow, them expressing who they feel they are inside, not the gender they were assigned at birth, and then them working to look like the gender they feel they are, whether he finds it aesthetically pleasing or not, somehow has anything to do with him or anyone else and hurts other people because, you know, kids can somehow be “turned” trans.

It’s sad that he can point out the race and gender politics involving the crushing social obligations that black men feel to hold onto their hyper-masculinity in order not to be abandoned or attacked and how Jenner may not necessarily have to deal with that in such a nuanced way because of her whiteness, but he can’t see how he’s upholding those crushing social standards and also acting as a transphobic oppressor to another human being who is just trying to live honestly and happily.

If anything is damaging to a kid, it’s likely planting the seed in their head that they can’t be happy and supportive of other people for living freely and happily unless it makes them comfortable about their self.



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  1. cupcake333 on July 2, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    ROLLINGOUT WRONG!! scrappy is right .. completely slang but right , you can let people be who they choose , but you can choose not to be around them , thats how whites been treating blacks cant come to their house but you can work with them , you cant picknic with them but every thing else is fine .. black folks know descrimiantion better than anyone .. gay black men are felt sorry for , whites dont mess with them cause they know they are double descriminated so they get sympathy you never see a cop arresting or harrassing a gay black man ? right?
    its usually straight ones they know the accent of a clear cut gay male .. they sound nasally and whinny .. blacks also dont mess with them we are embarrased for them but we dont try to change them or alter them . . we really do respect them more than we did 30 years ago they have rights now and previlieges they never had , with this new marriage thing it set them on the map we have to respect them live next door to them . and dine with them,, if im in a restaurant and see a gay couple it want bother me ..but some black men would leave …. if they say they are against it they are usually dont chance it …

  2. FuZ on July 3, 2015 at 12:27 am

    If you want me to listen to you, use an adult name.

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