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Nicole Ari Parker reveals how she and Boris Kodjoe avoid cheating

Nicole Ari Parker & Boris Kodjoe/YouTube Screenshot

Nicole Ari Parker & Boris Kodjoe/YouTube Screenshot

Nicole Ari Parker and her husband, Boris Kodjoe, have been married with kids for 10 years and have managed to balance both their careers and a strong marriage for all that time. But like any couple, they’ve likely faced their fair share of temptation from other men and women. In a new interview with, Parker explains how she and Kodjoe have remained faithful to each other throughout the years.

According to Parker, what keeps her and Kodjoe from cheating is making sure they nurture and maintain their connection with each other.

It’s always there when things between you are your partner are a little off. If you guys are off, any sideways glance can draw you into a fit,” she says. “But when both partners have a connection and want to be there, and want to stay together, then there’s no reason to trip on each other. It’s always when the other person starts acting funny that someone gets upset. If you guys are right by each other and you’re connected and you know you’re connected, NO ONE can mess with what you’ve got.”

And it’s that long-nourished connection of theirs that Kodjoe and Parker hope fans will connect with when their new “he said/she said”-style FOX daytime talk show premieres this month.

“We first came up with the concept of the show five years ago as a radio show. And then last year Nicole and I thought the timing was perfect to take it to tv. We’re not reinventing the wheel. It’s a talk show. The difference is it’s both of us. Female and male perspective. Husband and wife. Mother and father. So everything we talk about whether it’s current affairs, local heroes, relationships, love, sex, parenting food, fashion – there’s always two perspectives. We rarely agree on anything. It will be interesting to see how we connect with people and how we come to conclusions on the show,” Kodjoe explained.

As one of our favorite Hollywood couples, we hope their marriage continues to flourish and that this new chapter of their lives turns out to be successful, as well.






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