Keir Camp’s cardiac surgery fund on GoFundMe

Keir Camp
(Source: Keir Camp GoFundMe page)

Keir Camp’s life-saving surgery

Keir Camp’s cardiothoracic pericardial cyst resection surgery on Monday, July 6, 2015, was a success, according to her husband, Clifton Camp. He posted on Facebook: “KEIR IS OUT OF SUCCESSFUL SURGERY! ‪#‎GodIsGood‬. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR CONTINUED PRAYERS & SUPPORT!”

Clifton, an Atlanta attorney and friend to rolling out, recently launched a GoFundMe donation campaign for his wife, Keir, just months following his own fundraiser for his thoracic surgery. The Camps are true examples of when it rains it pours. Though the family has been hit with medical bills and surgeries all at once, they haven’t lost faith.

Clifton writes on GoFundMe:

“In 2013, my wife Keir was rushed to the Emergency Room at Emory Johns Creek Hospital because she was not feeling well. At the end of March 2015, she had to go back to the same emergency room. After the second ER visit, she made a follow-up appointment with her own doctor.

She told her she has a cyst on her heart.

She thought Keir was there to discuss the cyst because her visit to the ER had been documented and sent to her. She wasn’t. Keir didn’t know anything about a cyst.

This is the same doctor, who found the mass on my lung last August.

In 2013 Keir did not have a primary care physician. When she went to the ER at Emory Johns Creek Hospital, no one told her they found a cyst on her heart. She did not know anything about it until after March of this year!

In light of the current financial strain on our household due to my life-saving surgery last September, and my inability to work these last 5 months during my recovery, my family and I are in need of your help.

Keir’s anticipated co-pays, her post-surgery medical expenses, care for our children during her recovery, and all the other expenses we can’t even anticipate are the reasons I am asking for help from our family and our friends.

In prayer, I have come to know that we are always being tested.  We never know if lightening will strike in the same place twice, but through faith, we must believe God will not place more on us than we can handle.

My family and I are praying that through the grace of God our family and friends and community will come to our aid again to help us with this financial burden.

Please pray for my wife Keir and for my family. We are in a time of need.”

Donations can be made for the next three weeks. We encourage you to support this family in need.

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