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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ episode 11 best moments

Vh1 Screenshot

Vh1 Screenshot

Mimi confronts Dawn about trying to steal Jessica away

Jessica is unhappy with Mimi and the fact that she hasn’t seen any progress in her career over the last three months. And not only has Dawn expressed that she wants to steal Jessica away and become her manager, but Karlie also wants Jessica to sign to her new record label. When Jessica meets with Mimi, she shares her frustrations, as well as Dawn’s offer, but Mimi tells Jessica that Dawn isn’t a manager; she’s a booking agent. Mimi convinces her to give her another chance to be her manager. Later on though, Mimi meets with Dawn and confronts her about trying to steal Jessica. However, Dawn has no apologies or fear about wanting to take Jessica and she proceeds to bash Mimi for being a bad and unproductive manager. Mimi warns to back off, but Dawn asserts that Jessica will jump ship when her 3-month contract with Mimi is up.

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