Sebastian Mikael is serious about his music


Talented Swedish singer Sebastian Mikael is definitely making waves in the music industry. After collaborating with rap sensation Wale on the hit song “Last Night,” and now touring with pop star sensations Nico & Vinz, Mikael wants his music to be as original as possible. Check out the interview.

With you being from Sweden, did you have to adapt to the U.S. music culture?

Well, I never felt like I needed to adapt. I moved here in my last year of high school and I started making music. I never really felt like it was different [than] what I’ve heard before in Sweden. I do think that moving away gave me a chance to really develop and grind; just to go out there and do it!

As an artist, how do you want your current fans and future fans to interpret your music?

I always want my music to be honest. That’s my number one thing. Personally, I grew up listening to a lot of Soul music like Marvin Gaye, Sade and even Bob Marley. It was just soulful music that’s always honest and always real. I feel that with my latest music, it’s getting more personal and getting better. As far as my sound, I’m giving them more me! I’m so excited right now for my music.

You’ve experimented with a lot of different genres like pop, rock and R&B. Which genre is your favorite?

I feel like I’m always about whatever feels natural to me. I’ve definitely been incorporating a lot of deep house and progressive house, which is that European sound, I love elements of that music. It’s certain things in that music that I personally like and can just have fun with it. With me on tour now with Nico & Vinz, our shows have really been explosive and I’ve taken my music to the next level playing electric guitar and other instruments. I really have my Jimmy swag going on.

What new music projects are you working on now?

Right now, I’m gearing up to release my new EP at the end of the summer, which is eventually going to lead to an album.

Lastly, who would you want to work with, dead or alive?

Starting out with alive, I would definitely want to work with J. Cole; he’s one of my favorite artists. Dead: I would say Bob Marley. His music is the most timeless; he was just a very different and impactful artist.

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