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Beverly Johnson weighs in on Bill Cosby’s Quaalude admission

Beverly Johnson/YouTube Screenshot

Beverly Johnson

Late last year, supermodel Beverly Johnson made waves across the nation when she joined more than 40 women in accusing famed TV star Bill Cosby of having drugged her in an attempt to rape her. At the time, many assumed that Johnson was out to dirty Cosby’s name in an attempt to get back into the public spotlight. But now the tides have turned with the revelation that Cosby admitted in a 2005 deposition that he’d purchased Quaaludes with the intention of giving them to women before sex and that he’d done so in the past. Now, Johnson has spoken out again about how she feels about Cosby’s admission.

In a statement to People magazine, Johnson explained that she was saddened that it took this long and this much evidence for people to believe the multitudes of women who had accused Cosby of rape.

“It is unfortunate the amount of proof required to make a woman’s voice valid,” Johnson said.

“In the past year of this conversation around Bill Cosby’s actions against many women, including myself, the most unfortunate thing is the lesson we are teaching children about the worth of a woman’s body,” Johnson added. “I don’t know if every woman who has been sexually attacked and comes forward will be one of the many — or one who stands on her own. But as this conversation on Cosby’s actions continues, I hope that anyone with kids is thinking of teaching them that no one has the right to another’s body or sexuality.”

Johnson went on to explain that Cosby may not look like the evil, creepy man lurking in the shadows that many people have been taught to associate with the idea of a typical rapist, but she says that doesn’t mean he’s not guilty. She also explains that voices, bodies and lives of women need to be respected and honored, not dismissed because they make people uncomfortable.

“Not every attacker is going to be someone who is lurking in the alley or an unattractive character,” Johnson said. “It is as likely that someone who is charismatic and successful will decide to do something heinous.”

And Johnson wasn’t the only celebrity accuser to weigh in on Cosby’s admission. See what Janice Dickinson had to say after the cut.

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