Mic Terror talks Treated Crew and creating new hip-hop genre

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The hip-hop scene in Chicago is one that is diverse and skilled. In recent years a renaissance has been happening. The many different styles of rap that exist in the city make for a unique perspective and has something for everyone’s taste. Mic Terror one of the representatives of the Treated Crew an artist collective known worldwide, took a moment to speak with rolling out to discuss the Treated Crew brand and his relationship with the late DJ Rashad.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a man, I’m a dad, I’m a philosopher, I’m a teacher, I’m an emcee, cult leader, fashion designer, write, acto , director, humanitarian, chicagoan, etc.

You seem to have a lot of fun and you always find a way to drop some jewels of knowledge in your verses. Is this something that you do deliberately?

Yes, definitely. I consider my style turn up for smart n—–s, I got messages to deliver, but I never wanna preach, just like random jewels in conversation type s—, like that convo with Nas and the kid on the park bench in belly, smoke a blunt with you and drop a jewel to live by on you in the process, just real talk!

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In recent years the Treated Crew has cemented itself as a solid brand. Tell us a little about Treated Crew, what it means and the message you are hoping to spread.

Treated crew is a fraternity of Ill n—a that are really good at what they do, the message I hope we spread is “you can do it too” build” create” make dope s–t, make a dope life”

You just dropped “Live From Your Mama’s House” tell us about the project and your inspiration for it.

“Live From Your Mama’s House” is a new genre added to hip-hop I don’t have a name for it though, but I’m in 2020 with that project. Rashad and [I] had discussed making this project after Treated Crew performed with him and DJ Spinn at the 2013 Pitchfork Festival, I heard the empty pockets and spaces for new flows in Rashad’ s tracks watching them perform that day, and the title came to me and everything.

DJ Rashad, who died last year, was a big influence on what you guys do. Talk about that.

Rashad was a legend when we were shorties just seeing him on flyers and mixtapes, he’s a forefather of a whole genre. The spark to a lot of s— going on in music now, a good homie, a good man.

What’s up next for Mic Terror?

More music, more clothes, more money, more positivity, more ladies, more love, and all that good s—.

Share of few words with our readers as to why it’s important to follow your dreams.

If you [are] not fulfilling your purpose, you [are] lost out here.

What’s the meaning of life?

To learn, to create.

To hear “Live from your Mama’s House” visit the link https://soundcloud.com/micterror-com/sets/live-from-your-mamas-house


Instagram/Twitter: @precise_chi

Eddy Lamarre aka Precise is a hip-hop artist-writer-actor from Chicago. The Chicago Reader recognized “Ladies Love Mixtapes” his latest release as one of the best projects of 2014. Listen/Buy Ladies Love Mixtapes at: https://precise.bandcamp.com/album/ladies-love-mixtapes-the-ep

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