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Chance The Rapper surprises Chicago youth with epic field trip

Chance The Rapper

Source: Facebook/ChanceTheRapper

Chance the Rapper has proven time and time again that he is passionate about reaching out and giving back to the youth of Chicago.

Whether surprising students with an appearance by Kanye West at an open mic event for high school students or bringing Kendrick Lamar on stage to the amazement of the crowd at the Teens In The Park show, Chance has repeatedly gone the extra mile to do something special for Chicago-area kids. And he’s just done it again.

Last week the Surf rapper took to Twitter and Instagram to share his latest endeavor in which he teamed with the Chicago Park District and surprised a group of six-11 year olds with a free trip to Chicago’s famed Field Museum.

There’s no question about it: Chance loves the kids.

Check out Chance’s tweets and IG post documenting the trip below.