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#GrowingUpBlack sparks Black Twitter nostalgia

Photo credit: @CommonBlackGirl via Twitter

Photo credit: @CommonBlackGirl via Twitter

Black Twitter’s been on a roll lately. From setting mainstream media straight on Serena Williams’ legacy, to straight up hijacking #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter, Black folks from around the world have been showing out via social media.

On Tuesday, Blacks across social media flooded our timeline with more than 600,000 tweets at a furious pace with hilarious memes, video clips and catch phrases, all highlighting their fondest memories while #growingupblack.

Although this walk down memory lane has trended before, it was something special to see Blacks from across the nation chime in and relate to similar experiences. The accuracy of the following tweets will have you in tears. Hit the flip for a good laugh!

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