Meet the 4 female prison guards who were impregnated by Black Guerrilla Family inmate Tavon White

Photo Credit: WBALTV Tavon White and Tiffany Linder

Black Guerrilla Family leader Tavon White was able to run an illegal operation while serving time in the Baltimore City Detention Center. White and his crew sold drugs, weapons and other contraband while in the jail. According to the Baltimore Sun, one BGF inmate took a photo holding Grey Goose vodka, shrimp, and champagne while in the cell.

Prosecutors claimed White and his gang made up to $16,000 per month as a $10 bag of marijuana would cost $50 in jail.

But their operation was aided by several guards who allowed the contraband to enter the jail. Four of those guards were females who had sexual relationships with White. He impregnated four officers with five kids.

Meet the women who fell in love with an inmate and decided to make him their baby’s father.

Tiffany Linder

A Washington, D.C. native, Tiffany Linder, 27, was eight months pregnant with White’s child when she had to stand trial. She was accused of tipping off White to a shakedown in the jail. White claimed Linder knew because she was sleeping with another corrections officer at the jail.

Chania Brooks

Chanie Brooks’ take home pay was roughly $38,486. However, she found that having sex with White could lead to her earning more money. Brooks, 27, was another officer who got a chance to drive a Benz supplied by White. But Brooks brought attention to her liaisons with White after arguing with Linder, who was also pregnant with White’s child at the same time. Brooks also filed assault charges against another one of White’s baby mothers, Katera Stevenon.

Jennifer Owens

A resident of Radallstown, Maryland, Jennifer Owens, 32, loved White so much she decided to get his name tattooed on her neck. She also gave birth to two of his kids. She pleaded guilty to racketeering.

Katera Stevenson

Katera Stevenson, 26, worked at the Baltimore City Detention Center since 2008. She fell in love with White after he would give her money and allow her to drive a Mercedes-Benz. She was impregnated by White when she was 24 and helped him bring contraband inside. However, she made the mistake of leaving contraband outside and it froze during a snowy day in Baltimore. Stevenson pleaded guilty to racketeering.

White eventually received a reduced sentence of 12 years in prison after testifying against other members of BGF.

A.R. Shaw
A.R. Shaw

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