Future explains sex life with Ciara, cheating rumors

Future/YouTube Screenshot
Future/YouTube Screenshot

Any fans that thought Future would remain quiet about his breakup with Ciara last year have been silenced themselves as the trap singer has not only turned up the volume, but turned up the juice factor on his revelations about their epic split. Now, just a day after revealing that their careers and disagreements over marriage broke them up, Future is getting candid about the cheating scandals about their relationship and even their sex life.

In an interview with Marc Lamont Hill for “HuffPost Live,” Future assured that he didn’t cheat on Ciara and that it was the media and fans who brought about the rumors that he had.

“Everybody already had their speculations. I see a lot of people say ‘he cheated, he cheated.’ Because, I feel like, 95 percent of relationships end with cheating. But me and her relationship had nothing to do with cheating. I feel like we were just growing away from each other and we grew apart. And it’s just so much dealing with — when you[’re] in a relationship and you’re the man and you want to make certain decisions for yourself and she wants to make certain decisions. And I feel like the best route for me is to make more music, to go back to Atlanta, to go back to my roots, for my family. Like when you[‘re] a man you want to make decisions for your family, sometimes the lady don’t see what you see. The engagement had been called off. I called it off way before any cheating rumors,” Future said.

Future explained that he genuinely wanted to marry Ciara, but she was interested in having a Hollywood fairy-tale wedding, while he was only interested in having an intimate wedding with just his family and “hood people.”

She didn’t say cool, but she wasn’t too mad because I explained it to her how it was. I was like ‘I’ll marry you today. You want to get married, let’s get married. But I’m not getting married with all these different people in my wedding. My family have to be there. I’m from the ‘hood, ‘hood people going to be there. It might be people that you don’t like that’s going to be there. But I know they love me, they got my best interest. I don’t want nobody from the industry there, I don’t want the media there.’ You know how girls have their fairy-tale weddings, this how they pick it.

But that’s not all that Future had to say. Read about how he was embarrassed by Ciara’s Brides magazine cover and about how they didn’t abstain from sex after the cut.

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