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Police investigating Chris Brown’s friends over robbery?

Photo Credit: Chris Brown's Insatgram (@chrisbrownofficial)

Photo credit: Chris Brown’s Insatgram (@chrisbrownofficial)

Chris Brown’s world was turned upside down last week when his San Fernando Valley, California, home was robbed and his aunt was held at gunpoint while his place was looted. Making matters worse was the speculation from family and fans that his friends or club promoters that he’s worked with were behind the robbery. Now, a new report claims that the police believe his friends are the real culprits.

As previously reported, at the time of the robbery, Brown had just recently received $50,000 for a club appearance. Law enforcement sources say that the robbers let it slip to Brown’s aunt that they knew that Brown had $50,000 in his home, which is something only a few people, like a club promoter or a friend, would’ve known.

According to TMZ, law enforcement sources are saying that police believe that it wasn’t some causal friends of Brown that set up the robbery. Instead, they believe that the four men who broke into his home were actually close friends of his.

They also believe that the men were working together with a club promoter to orchestrate the plan.

But the story doesn’t end there. Sources claim that police believe the Bloods, whom Brown has affiliated himself with for years, may also have been in on the scheme. The LAPD has now decided to assign one of its Gang Unit cops to the case to help find the real culprits.

Back on the home front, sources say that Brown’s “camp” talked with the singer and told him that he needs to clean house when it comes to his social circle and finally get rid of all of his toxic friends for good.

As previously reported, both Brown’s mother and baby’s mama think his friends are unsafe and Nia Guzman is allegedly questioning whether she should let Brown spend time with their daughter, Royalty, while he’s still keeping his trouble-making friends around.

Clearly, this is a messy situation for Brown and if the cops and his family are right, which is a possibility, then he really needs to start cutting people loose and make his inner circle of friends small and safe.

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