PJ Morton and Verizon team up and talk technology and killing live shows

PJ Morton and Fan (Photo credit: Eddy “Precise” Lamarre for Steed Media Service)

PJ Morton,a Grammy-nominated R&B solo artist and keyboardist for the internationally known band Maroon 5, visited the Verizon Chicago Destination store to talk about his new album, Live Show Killer, meet fans and talk technology.

Live Show Killer was recorded at the historic Henson Recording Studios in Los Angeles in May 2015. He recorded the project in front of a small, intimate audience. The project includes his recent collaboration with Stevie Wonder, “Only One,” which earned him a Grammy nomination.

Visitors to the Destination Store had a chance to hear the album playing from the Amplify It lifestyle zone.

PJ Morton met with press and VIPs before the listening session and answered a few questions concerning his feelings about technology and how it helps with his music.

On the opportunities that have been provided to him via technology …

Well, (technology has helped with) selling records. What technology has allowed is for people to find what they like, whether it be 10 people or 10,000 people.”

On the impact of social media and technology on his creative process …

“Sometimes, it can be an overload. The Internet in general is a gift and a curse,you have to take the good with the bad and there is a lot of trash to sift through.I think the benefits outweigh the negatives. Like was telling Emma, getting all of the opinion from people sometimes makes you question yourself and why you were doing it in the first place, but you can cut it off and take a break from it.

On his transparency with his social media interactions …

“I grew up a preacher’s kid, I try to be as honest as I can with my music. I put out there what I want people to know. I’m always honest, but maybe sometimes leaving out things that I want to keep sacred.”

We also took a moment to speak with Andrea Meyer of Verizon. We asked her about the purpose of the “Amplify It” zone, and why it is important for Verizon to partner with music artists. She had this to say.

“Quite simply, the Amplify It zone puts on display technology for the music lover and musician in all of us.

“Here are some details to better describe it for your readers:

– Upon entering the store, a visitor’s first experience will be Amplify It, providing an instant burst of energy and excitement.

Amplify It engages visitors with an immersive music experience to choose the best sound system from high-end headsets and speakers to match their musical tastes.

– In the Digital DJ Booth, visitors can listen to their favorite music genre through the Slacker app or mix music with the Amplify It Music Mixer to change the instrument of a song.

– Two-hundred thirty-nine Bluetooth speakers make up the “Wall of Sound,” which can be operated from a DJ booth. Customers are able to play a selection of speakers, or all at once to feel the sound possibilities.

“Music is a connector of people and working with artists is a good way for us to be part of that experience.”

PJ went on to have an amazing show at The Promontory later on in the evening. We look forward to more of his music because he truly is the “Live Show Killer.”

Check out a few pics from the meet and greet below.


Eddy Lamarre, aka, Precise is a hip-hop artist-writer-actor from Chicago. The Chicago Reader recognized “Ladies Love Mixtapes” his latest release as one of the best projects of 2014. Listen/Buy Ladies Love Mixtapes at: https://precise.bandcamp.com/album/ladies-love-mixtapes-the-ep

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