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5 reasons you should cruise to Cuba

Photo courtesy: Carnival Corporartion

Photo courtesy: Carnival Corporation

There is no time for summertime blues. We’ve got a new travel destination to add to your bucket list this year, so instead of exploring through Europe, pack a light bag, grab your selfie-stick and head over to Cuba. Forget about paying for an expensive flight, take the scenic route with Carnival Cruises so you can enjoy all the beauty this hidden gem has to offer.

The world’s largest travel and leisure company Carnival Corporation has announced some exciting news. The U.S. Department of Treasury and the U.S. Department of Commerce have granted access to travel to Cuba. The cruises will land in the country’s capital, Havana. The company will begin full-week sailings to Cuba beginning May 2016 utilizing its new social impact travel brand providing purpose-oriented experiences for all passengers. Now, if you’re still unconvinced on changing your vacation plans, here are five reasons you and your friends should cruise to Cuba:

1. Because you can

Hello! It’s legal! For the last half century travel between the U.S. and Cuba was restricted. For the first time in history you now have the opportunity to unwind on new sandy beaches and indulge in the best of Cuban cuisine.

2. It’s an art connoisseur’s dream

Cuba is home to some of the most stylistically diverse art collections in the world. Each piece is inspired by the the roots of Cuba’s distinguished culture interpreted through vibrant, color schemes, and highlighting social issues and its breathtaking landscape. Cuba has over 10 museums to choose from, so make sure to check out the incredible art during your stay.

3. The prices are affordable 

We must admit Cuba isn’t exactly the cheapest travel destination, but everyone knows once a location becomes bombarded with tourists the prices go up, and the authenticity of the culture fades. Over the course of the next few years this city will become in high demand once the major companies capitalize on the new market with fast-food franchises and shopping centers.

4. The music scene

On just about every corner in Cuba, you will hear music playing — not from the radio, but from the island nation’s talented musicians. Dance and music are part of the fabric of life for the Cuban people. For those of you who are brave enough to join the locals, there are dance lessons and an array of nightclubs playing an infusion of West African and European traditional sounds. We assure you that music will have your feet moving nonstop during those fun Havana nights.

5 The vintage cars

In America we call Uber and Lyft rides to tour cities, but in Cuba sightseeing can be accomplished by renting 1950s vintage American cars. Tourists can literally book a driver for a modest price to ride in style while viewing colored colonial art deco buildings and the island sunset while cruising on the ocean road.