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5 celebrities who’ve been arrested before or during live shows

@mistercap via Instagram

@mistercap via Instagram

It seems like everyday now, you turn on the news, flip through your local paper or read in the blogs that a famous artist has been toted away to the slammer.

While concerts are known for being a time to party while singing along to your favorite tunes, oddly enough, they’ve become playing ground for criminal activity including gang initiations, arrests or robberies. Several artists have even been ripped off stage in front of their fans due to trouble with the boys in blue.

Stars like Nipsey Hussle, Bobby Brown, Kidd Kidd, Jae Millz, Jim Morrison, and Immortal Technique have all been arrested before or during live shows. For five more artists who’ve had their set cut short or missed a performance due to trouble with the law, hit the flip…

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  1. kelly on July 26, 2015 at 2:48 pm

    ok so what is your point? if they committing crimes and think it want follow them everywhere , thats a lie , someone in their so called managment and record company need to start getting involved .. block them from going on concert if they got out standing warrent in a city they have not paid or everyone suffers the fans are not treated fairly if the pay to see and artist and is told that the artist want be back on stage or didnt show up due to illeness , half the show is done so they all get paid and customers lose 40 to 99 dollar for a ticket that was not worth a penny .. . . i disagree that the public give a fuck bout a bunch of irresponsible rappers , you dont hear bout actors pulled off the sie for warrants , you black men dominate the rap industry ,, and old nigros like DMX NELLY , FLAVOR FLA, BOBBY BROWN . .. all are jut sad pitiful … no excuse record companies concert promotor need to take afew minute to check for warrants it only take a phone call period

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