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5 things Meek Mill must do to keep his career alive after weak Drake diss, ‘Wanna Know’

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This hasn’t been a good week for Meek Mill. One week after initially starting a beef with Drake, Meek Mill went from being a respected rapper on the come up to the laughingstock of the entire industry.

Two days after Drake released the superb diss record “Back to Back,” Meek responded with the lackluster diss record, “Wanna Know.” It was so poorly executed that it could take the prize as one of the worst diss records in hip-hop’s 40-year history.

On “Wanna Know,” Meek rambles about Drake without ever coming up with a clever punchline. But one thing that stuck out was Meek mentioning that this beef is on par with 50 Cent and Ja Rule. For those who don’t remember, 50 Cent basically ended Ja Rule’s rap career after a slew of diss records. But at this point, Meek could be the next Ja Rule if he doesn’t play his cards right.

Here are five things Meek Mill must do to maintain his career after the unfocused, incoherent Drake diss, ‘Wanna Know.’

Don’t respond with another diss record

Things will go from bad to catastrophic if Meek Mill releases another diss song that’s lackluster. He has to suck up this loss like LeBron James did in the NBA Finals and move on. Unless Meek can find a way to hire Kendrick Lamar as a ghostwriter, it’s better for him to refrain from making another diss record.

Never mention Drake’s name again on record or Twitter

Meek Mill can never utter the word “Drake” on a song or Twitter again. It’s important for him to act as if nothing happened until the public forgets about this horrible defeat.

Make another street anthem 

Meek Mill isn’t a great battle rapper, but he has a knack for making quality street music. Men react to his hit “Dreams and Nightmares” the same way women react to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” If he can focus on creating another street anthem instead of a diss record, fans will accept him again.

Get back in the studio with Rick Ross and Wale 

When you’re around creative people, it pushes you to be more creative. When Meek Mill started his rise in hip-hop, he was always surrounded by Rick Ross and Wale. It’s probable that they pushed Meek to make great music. Now that each artist has their own situations to deal with, we aren’t hearing much music from the trio. Meek must find a way to make more hits with Rick Ross and Wale.

Do whatever it takes to keep Nicki Minaj happy

Meek Mill’s relationship with Nicki Minaj will be tested now that the world has seen him humiliated by her friend and label mate, Drake. Meek can’t take another public loss such as Nicki breaking up with him once the tour wraps. He has to keep her happy for the next six months so that he doesn’t have to deal with another shameful incident.