Fetty Wap skips out on bill at Olive Garden

Fetty Wap
Source: Youtube/HarlemFetty

New Jersey rapper Fetty Wap may currently have two songs on the Billboard top 10 charts, but according to reports he also allegedly participated in a mode of theft known as “dine and dash.” This past Thursday, the “Trap Queen” rapper was accused of skipping out on the bill at a Wayne, New Jersey, Olive Garden restaurant.

Fetty claims that after waiting over two hours the entrees he ordered never arrived so he left $100 to cover the appetizers and drinks he and his party consumed and left the restaurant. Employees countered that the rapper’s wait was actually closer to 30 minutes and that his bill for the appetizers and drinks was $160, which left a $60 discrepancy. Fetty, along with members of his entourage, are currently under investigation for assaulting a 19-year-old ShopRite clerk in an incident that allegedly happened earlier this month.

To date, Fetty Wap has not issued a statement on either incident.

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