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2 die after shooting at Drake’s after-party

Photo source: Drake's Instagram

Photo source: Drake’s Instagram

A shooting broke out at an after-party following rapper Drake’s music festival in Toronto, leaving at least two people dead and at least three injured.

The after-party was being held inside Muzik nightclub and was hosted by Drake after he wrapped up his annual OVO Fest. Gunshots rang out at around 3:15 a.m. Tuesday inside the club, according to Canadian police. One man died while inside the party venue.

Toronto Police Insp. Frank Bergen said that the violence then “spilled out onto the streets” where more shots were fired and more partygoers were injured.

At least two people were killed — a man and a woman — according to authorities. Three others were taken to a hospital, but police suspect more may have been injured and left the scene before receiving medical attention, the NY Daily News reported.

It is unclear whether Drake was inside the club during the shooting.

Bergen added that the party was a “very well-run event” and that several police officers were on duty close to Muzik nightclub when the shooting occurred.

Authorities have not revealed whether there are any suspects in the case.

This is the second consecutive year a shooting has broke out after OVO Fest. Last year, one person was injured from gunfire at the festivities.

“We did provide extra security for this venue, not just because of the incident last year — it’s just a large venue,” said Deputy Chief Peter Sloly, CBC News reported. “We did our best to prevent such a thing from happening. In fact, we called extra resources down to the area in advance, just to provide extra security. Unfortunately, this tragic event took place.”