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Nipsey Hussle apologizes for slamming Black women

Nipsey Hussle

Source: Facebook/NipseyHussle

Los Angeles based rapper Nipsey Hussle found himself on the wrong end of Black Twitter’s wrath yesterday after he posted an off-color comment about black women.

The controversy started when the “Count Up That Loot” rapper replied to a tweet by a Californian comedian that read “BLACC FEMALES R A DISGRACE TO BLACC CULTURE” along with a series laughing emojis. Hussle’s reply stated, “I can’t retweet that but I’m LMAO TRU s–t.”.

It didn’t take long for the thread to make the rounds on Twitter, resulting in Hussle’s mentions being flooded by people voicing their disdain for his co-signing the comedian’s tweet. People were even more confused at his choice to (playfully) agree with the tweet because not only is he the product of an African-American mother but the rapper is currently dating actress Lauren London.

It didn’t take long for him to see the error of his ways and issue an apology.

Check out the original offending thread below followed by Nipsey’s apology to all those offended.

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